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Vigor S.R.L. operates in the field of Construction Hoist hire throughout Italy but is particularly active in the area of Milan and its Province.

Vigor S.R.L., a leader in its sector, has a warehouse with construction hoists of the best brands on the market, which is constantly growing, located in Gorla Minore, Via Redipuglia.

Our construction hoists are all different and with different capacities, starting from a minimum of 300 kg. up to a maximum capacity of 5000 kg. so that we can satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Our construction hoist lifts are designed to be installed outside or inside the scaffolding, with the convenience of being able to transport any type of building material, in addition to the possibility of transporting personnel.

In the case of construction sites in particular locations, such as those with reduced manoeuvring dimensions, located in historic town centres or where access with a traditional crane is difficult if not impossible, construction hoists become a valid alternative for loading and transporting all types of material and people at height.

Our company also takes care of the assembly and disassembly of the hoists, guaranteeing rapidity and excellent quality of work.

Following the assembly phase, our qualified personnel also provide a course on how to use the hoists.

Vigor S.R.L. offers its customers satisfaction, reliability, and precise, rapid, and efficient responses, always available to find the most suitable solutions for the customer.

If you need to hire a construction hoist in Milan, the province or the whole of Lombardy, contact us now for a free quote. We will be happy to carry out an on-site inspection and provide you with a quote for installation.

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